Duties of Officers

The president shall direct and coordinate the affairs of the Society. He/she shall preside at all meetings of the Society and of the Executive Board and shall perform such duties as may be directed by the Executive Board.

The vice president shall perform the duties of the president in case the president is absent or incapacitated, and he/she shall serve as program chairperson of the Society.

The secretary shall keep the minutes of the Society's regular meetings and of Executive Board meetings, and he/she shall mail notices to members concerning meetings.

The treasurer shall have custody of all monies belonging to the Society and shall pay them only upon the authority of the Executive Board. He/she shall keep an accurate list of all members and collect the dues.

The archivist shall be custodian of all official records of the Society, and he/she shall maintain an inventory of the holding of the Society.

Resolved, that another member of the Executive Board shall have his/her name on the Society's bank account in addition to the treasurer. In the event of the treasurer's incapacity to fulfill his/her duties, this officer shall function as temporary treasurer until the membership elects a new treasurer.

Election of Officers

The Executive Board shall appoint a nominating committee of three members of the Society. No more than one member of the nominating committee may be a member of the Executive Board. The committee's recommendations shall be mailed with the notice of the annual meeting. All nominees shall be members of the Society. Additional nominations may be made from the floor by any member of the Society and a majority of votes cast by the membership present shall be necessary for election of officers and board members. Officers shall assume their duties at the conclusion of the meeting at which they were elected.


Standing committees shall be created or abolished as required by vote of the Executive Board. The president shall appoint members ofOctober 5, 2012ority of the Executive Board.

Roberts Rules of Order Revised shall govern the proceedings of the Society, except as otherwise provided for in the Constitution of Bylaws of the Society.

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