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Schedule Operating Guidelines

May 2001 Meet with SAA meeting director in Birmingham.
June 2001 Select 2002 Host Committee members. Provide list to SAA meeting director.
August 30-
September 1, 2001
Hold office hours in the exhibit hall during the SAA 2001 annual meeting. Make a brief presentation about Birmingham at the 2001 annual meeting closing plenary session.
October 1, 2001 Provide SAA meeting director with approximately 30 photocopies of historic photographs for graphic design ideas and possible inclusion in the annual meeting program. A caption, institutional affiliation and date should accompany each photograph.
October 31, 2001 Provide SAA meeting director with a list of tour recommendations and potential reception sites.
Fall 2001 Meet with SAA meeting director in Birmingham.
December 5, 2001 Submit article to SAA for January issue of Archival Outlook.
January 30, 2002 Provide SAA meeting director with names, addresses and phone numbers of potential area advertisers/exhibitors.

Provide SAA meeting director with a history of Birmingham for the annual meeting program. (See samples from previous programs.)

February 5, 2002 Submit article to SAA for March issue of Archival Outlook.
February 27, 2002 Provide selected photographs to SAA for inclusion in the annual meeting program.
March 31, 2002 Submit article(s) regarding 2002 annual meeting to local/state archival publications.
April 5, 2002 Submit article to SAA for May issue of Archival Outlook
June 5, 2002 Submit article to SAA for July issue of Archival Outlook. Submit local information for on-site program. Submit host chair(s) greeting for on-site program.
July 31, 2002 Provide SAA meeting director with a schedule of committee members/others to staff the on-site registration desk.
August 17, 2002 On-site packet stuffing. Bring giveaways (if any) for the tote bags and local information for attendees.
August 21-24, 2002 Staff on-site pre-registration and host desks during the annual meeting.

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Operating Guidelines

Society of American Archivists Host Committee

I.  Purpose

    The Host Committee’s role is to provide assistance and expertise tot he SAA staff on local arrangements for the SAA annual meeting.

II. Committee Selection, Site, and Length of Terms

    The SAA Vice-President appoints the Chair of the Host Committee for the meeting over which he/she presides as President. The Chair appoints members of the Host Committee from the geographic area in which the annual meeting is held. The Chair may wish to designate one or more co- or deputy chairs. The Host Committee is appointed a year or more before the annual meeting and serves through that meeting. Members of the Host Committee must be individual members of SAA, although non-SAA members may be asked to advise or assist the committee.

    Host Committees may establish sub-committees to facilitate their work. The number and responsibilities of these sub-committees is left up to the needs and wishes of each Host Committee. Past Host Committees have designated sub-committees for tours and repository visits, publicity, registration, sponsorship/exhibitions and programs (coordination of photographs and introduction).

III. Reporting Procedures

    The Host Committee works closely with the SAA staff throughout the year prior to and during the annual meeting. The Committee also reports to the SAA Council and submits articles for Archival Outlook and other means to keep SAA members informed of plans for the annual meeting.

IV.  Responsibilities

The Host Committee has the following responsibilities:

A.  Sponsors. Identify and secure sponsors for annual meeting related activities. Due Date: Work on this may begin as early as two years prior to the meeting.

B.  Promotion. Promoted the meeting by making a brief presentation at the previous year’s closing session. Provide information on the host city at the previous year’s meeting by holding office hours.
Due Date: The previous year’s meeting.

Alert local archivists and others about the SAA meeting. Prepare articles for Archival Outlook during annual meeting year. Due Date: The 5th of the month preceding publication beginning with the January issue of Archival Outlook.

C.  Evening Reception. Recommended reception site options to SAA staff. Due Date: By October 31 of previous year.

D.  Tours. Recommended tours to SAA staff. Due Date: By October 31 of previous year.

E.  Potential Exhibitors and Advertisers. Recommended potential local exhibitors and advertisers to SAA staff. Due Date: By January 30 of meeting year.

F.  Program. Prepare a written description of the host city and provide historic photographs or illustrations for inclusion in the annual meeting program. Due Date: By January 30 of the meeting year.

G.  Pocket Guide. Provide information on area restaurants and nearby services for inclusion in on-site program. Due Date: By June 5 of meeting year.

H.  Registration. Assist in the registration process by collecting materials for registration bags, stuffing registration bags and staffing the pre-registration/host desk during the meeting. Due Date: Materials Collection – Two weeks prior to meeting. Bag Stuffing – Three days prior to the first day of registration. Staffing the Pre-Registration/Host Desk – during meeting.

I.  Local Information. Secure information on local activities of interests, restaurants and transportation for on-site "Host Desk." Consider organizing "Dinners with an Archivist." Due Date: One week prior to meeting.

V.  Meetings

The Host Committee meets at least once before the previous year’s annual meeting and as many times as necessary during the time between the annual meetings. SAA staff may attend some of these meetings.
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