Society of Alabama Archivists
P.O. Box 34
Montgomery, Alabama 36101-0034

The Executive Committee meeting was held at Alabama Department of Archives and History (ADAH) on Friday, December 12, 1998, at 12:00 PM.

I.  Attendees included:
Marty Olliff  President
Linda Overman  Vice President
Victor Neilsen Treasurer
Brenda Pietrowski Secretary
Ken Tilley  Archivist
Jim Baggett  Past President
Shannon White Executive Committee Appointed Director
Tim Pennycuff Executive Committee Appointed Director
Mike Breedlove Executive Committee Appointed Director

NOTE:  Jim Baggett and Ken Tilley are also on the Membership Committee.

II.  Marty Olliff  called the meeting to order at 1215 p.m. and thanked the attendees for coming and ADAH for hosting.

III.  There was discussion on the constitution and legality of members of the Executive Committee.  Conclusion:  Ken Tilley will check the archives for the latest constitution.  If there is no mention of the three appointed members of the Executive Committee, we will revise the constitution at the Spring meeting.  There is a version of our constitution on the Web; Ken Tilley will check the date and contents of that version to make sure it is the latest version.


IV.  Marty Olliff   charged the Membership Committee to begin work on getting the SALA name out to the public.  Points discussed were:

V.  The question of do we need two meetings a year was presented to the Committee,  At the present time, we traditionally have a Spring meeting and a Fall Business meeting and Luncheon.  No Spring meeting was set.  One
possibility was to piggyback with ADAH open house for legislatures around April 22, 1999.  Auburn University at Montgomery will be approached about hosting this event.

VI.  Archives Week - We need to set our goals and put some thought into this project.  Once again, this is another project that we need to reach out and involve groups.  We may try the fact sheet approach emphasizing this is a SALA not an ADAH project.

VII.  Student Dues - At the present time, dues for student membership is $2.50.  A motion was made to present an increase in student dues to $5 at the Spring meeting.  Motion was seconded and carried.

VIII.  Digital committee should focus on archives and look at access cooperation.  A suggestion was made that at the next meeting, we share our finding aids (including those on the Web).

Brenda K. Pietrowski

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