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Minutes, Fall Meeting, 1998

The Fall meeting was held at the W. S. Hoole Special Collections Library at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, on November 20, 1998.  President Jim Baggett called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM. The Treasurer's report was given by Ken Tilley filling in for VictorNielsen.

SALA Treasurer's Report 1998 Fall Meeting

Beginning Balance (11/07/1998) $1,032.57
   1998 Dues $346.00
   1999 Dues     12.50
   Spring Meeting Receipts   272.43
   Fall Meeting Registration   340.43
   Interest     18.08
   Income Sub Total   989.01
   Letterhead Stationery       $168.01
   Fall 1997 Newsletter   192.84
   Spring 1998 Newsletter   186.54
   Postage     40.00
   Post Office Box Rent     58.00
   Checking Account Fees     98.00
   Expenditure Sub Total   786.59
 CURRENT BALANCE AS OF 11/19/1998     $1,234.99
Respectfully Submitted
Victor Nielsen
Ken Tilley mentioned that he had taken in approximately $200 in dues that  morning.

Minutes from the Fall 1998 meeting were reviewed. A motion was made the minutes be accepted as written, motion was seconded, and the motion carried.
NOTE: The 1998 minutes contained a resolution Endorsing State Funding for an Alabama Virtual Library. This resolution did not pass.

Elisa Baldwin is getting the newsletter out and asked for items for the newsletter. She suggested sending the newsletter to non members to solicit members. Elisa asked the members to give the names and addresses of individuals who could receive the newsletter.

Jim Baggett read over the following slate of officers for the coming year.

President: Marty Olliff
Vice President: Linda Overman
Treasurer: Victor Nielsen
Secretary: Brenda Pietrowski
There were no other nominations and the motion was accepted as read.  Motion was seconded and carried.

Jim Baggett said according to our constitution, the Executive Board should consist of the four elected members, the past president, and three appointed directors. The duties of the Executive Committee include establishing committees, soliciting membership, and approving resolutions. Tracey Berezansky suggested that because of the extra jobs coming in the future, we had a real need to increase our membership now. After some discussion, the following were appointed to the Executive Board:

Shannon White
Tim Pennycuff
Mike Breedlove

Motion was made that the slate of Executive Board nominees be accepted as given, motion was seconded, and the motion carried.

Nominees for the Membership Committee were taken from the floor. They are:

Ken Tilley Southeast Central Area
Jim Baggett Birmingham and Northern Area
Mike Thomason Mobile and Southern Area
A motion was made that the new SALA Membership Committee be accepted, motion was seconded, and the motion carried.

Linda Overman suggested that SALA adopt an Archives Week. Information was given out on the Archives Week program used by Mississippi. The members agreed that we need to explore this and suggested the following:

-An Archives Week would encourage participation of users
-Be a great way to help the local community and get the SALA name out to the public
-Tracey Berezansky said the governor would sign a petition designating an Archives Week
-Would help in recruiting for new SALA members
Members agreed to endorse the concept of an Archives Week and asked Linda Overman to get more information. Members also agreed to begin at the grass roots level and build up. Members are aware that there could be a financial drain on resources and people. One expense would probably be getting a brochure out on the Week. Linda Overman will report back.

Marty Olliff thanked Jim Baggett for a job well done. Marty suggested in the coming year we have to focus on small programs and how we can help people understand our jobs and how they can benefit from SALA. SALA has acquired a list serve through Auburn University and we have a web site: http:\\\sala

Marty Olliff adjourned the meeting at 10:00 AM.

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