AUGUST 6, 1999

The planning meeting for SAC 2000 was held at the Memphis Public Library on August 6, 1999.

Representatives of state archival organizations from the SAC states were: John Dougan, Memphis/Shelby County Archivist, Memphis and Shelby County Archives/History Dept., Memphis and Shelby County Public Library and Information Center, Memphis, TN; Jamie Awalt, Archivist, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, Mary Linn Wernet, Head Archivist, Cammie G. Henry Research Center, Northwestern State University of Louisiana, Natchitoches, LA, Tara Zachary, University Archivist, Delta State University, Cleveland, MS, and Linda Overman, Conservation Officer, AL Dept. of Archives and History, Montgomery, AL.

The meeting opened with a discussion of SAC - the intent of the founding members - AL and MS archivistsBwho were interested in getting to know other archivists in the region and having a broader base of speakers and participation in meetings. A brief history of the organization and a copy of the original proposal to form a regional archival association was provided to those in attendance.

A schedule of past year=s meetings and sites was reviewed. Linda Overman mentioned the concern of some members about the location of past meetings. Originally, SAC met in conference centers in small towns which were less expensive. This meant more individuals from the same institution could afford to attend. The goal of getting to know each other was met when people roomed, socialized, and ate all meals together. Meetings in larger cities has increased the cost and, in some instances, has affected attendance.

There is interest in having an article in each state archival organization=s newsletter delineating SAC=s origin, its present form, and its future direction. At the April 2000 meeting, members will have the opportunity to discuss this at individual state business meetings and then at a SAC business meeting.

Linda stated that while SAC was intended to be informally organized, she had difficulty finding minutes from planning meetings, business meetings, or financial reports. She further stated that she is of the opinion that it has affected continuity in the organization. Others in attendance reported that they could find little, if any information about SAC in their state organization=s files. All were in agreement that there is a need for a paper trail of the organization.

Discussion throughout the rest of the meeting pretty much followed the agenda.

The meeting began with a discussion of the responsibility of each of the state organizations for next spring=s meeting. At the 1998 SAC meeting in Selma, AL, the TN members announced that the 2000 meeting would be held in Memphis. Responsibilities for SAC 2000 are as follows: TN - local arrangements, MS - finance and registration, LA - publicity and exhibitors, and AL - program.

Budget Allocation - each state will put up $500.00 in advance for expenses. LA, TN, and AL organizations will send MS $500.00. MS will deposit the funds in their organization=s bank account, but will compile an accounting for SAC. Tara Zachery will send a list of registrants to John Dougan.

Mary Linn Wernet suggested having an evaluation form for use at the meeting. All were in agreement.

Date of 2000 Meeting - Friday morning, April 14 - Saturday noon, April 15, 2000.

Meeting Location: Radisson Hotel Memphis, 185 Union Avenue. (Three blocks from Beale Street, perpendicular to Riverside Drive). Telephone: (901) 528-1800. Room rates: $109.00 per night for either single or double occupancy plus 13.25% tax. Rates are good Wednesday, April 12 through Sunday, April 16. (The hotel was selected by the planning committee in October after John Dougan provided us with information from several hotels and the costs of hotel rooms, meeting rooms, and meals.)

Pre-conference Workshop: Tara Zachary provided information from two potential workshop leaders. It was decided that Ms. Menzi Behrnd-Klodt, Pleasant Company, Middleton, WI would be contacted to present two half day workshops on Thursday, April 13, 2000.

Copyright Workshop, 8:00 am to 12:00 noon
Privacy and Access Workshop, 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm
The time table for the workshops may be adjusted slightly. Attendees will go to lunch on their own.

The speaker will provide case studies which should be useful. Jamie Awalt suggested that the registration form have a space for registrants to write specific questions on their interests in the workshop topics which might aid the speaker in selecting applicable case studies to be used.

The workshops will be limited to 25 - 30 participants for each of the 2 day workshops. Proposed registration cost for workshop: $35.00 for a 2 day only or $65.00 for the full day.

Publicity - each of the other member states will send mailing labels, preferably a hardcopy, ready to use, to Mary Linn. Each state is to publicize the meeting on its web site. Meeting information will be sent to archivists in Georgia, Arkansas, and Kentucky.

Cost of Meeting: Total cost of the meeting, and therefore, registration cannot be determined until the program and tours/activities are more defined.

Program - ideas for program topics and possible speakers were discussed.

Tours - John will find out if a Awonders@ exhibit is scheduled in Memphis in April 2000. If so, this could be an optional tour for attendees on Friday after the sessions or on Saturday afternoon. Otherwise, the committee agreed that there would be specific interest in tours of the National Civil Rights Museum and the Graceland Archives. John said the tour of the latter would have to be handled in very small groups. There would also be interest in tours of Graceland, perhaps as a Saturday afternoon option.

Evening Reception - Linda suggested a tour of Mud Island followed by an evening reception. She has contacted a sponsor who has agreed to make a monetary donation to offset some of the cost. Even so, there will probably be a fee of $10.00 or so per person to pay for the food. The sponsor will be on-site to represent his company, meet attendees, and provide some information about his companies services. (Since the August meeting, the cost of Mud Island has gone up significantly and it is beyond our price range. John Dougan is checking for other potential sites for an evening reception).

More information will follow as the program is set. If you have program ideas, please let me know.

Linda Overman

November 8, 1999

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