Society of Alabama Archivists

P.O. Box 34

Montgomery, Al 36101-0034


The Board and Officer’s Meeting was held at Alabama Department of Archives and History (ADAH) on Tuesday, July 24 2001 at 10:00 AM.


I.                    Attendees included:


Tim Pennycuff, President

Ken Tilley, Treasurer

Marcie Green, Secretary

Linda Overman, Immediate Past President

Chris Davidson, Executive committee

Alden Monroe, Chair- Local Arrangements Committee


II.                 Tim Pennycuff began the meeting at 10:05 and thanked the attendees for coming and ADAH for hosting and supplying refreshments.


III.               Alden Monroe gave an in-depth report on the planning for the SAA 2002 meeting.  He discussed several projects being developed to promote the Birmingham, Alabama, meeting next fall.  Projects being planned are as follows:


a.       6 articles written as publicity pieces which focus on such topics as Alabama music and food as well as museums and sites around the city will be published in Archival Outlook.


b.      Ideas for tours are needed.  Some suggested were:

1.      Civil Rights tour

2.      Selma/Montgomery tour

3.      History of Birmingham walking tour


c.       Alden Monroe stated the need for several volunteers to work the registration desk at the 2002 SAA meeting 8 hours a day for 4 days. One person per shift from the Birmingham area is preferred to work the desk if at all possible. 


d.      Ideas were discussed for submission to the Program Committee for the 2002 meeting; Early October 2001is the deadline.  Items suggested included the WWII scanning project at the AF Historical Research Agency.


IV.              The question of the SALA vice-president vacancy was raised next.  Conclusion:  vacancy will remain open until the November 9th SALA meeting.  Chris Davidson volunteered to be the Nominating Committee Chair.  Ken Tilley is willing to be nominated as Vice President.


V.                 Tim Pennycuff opened discussion on the Southern Archives Conference (SAC) meeting for 2002.  Issues included:


a.  No member state is in favor of hosting a SAC 2002 meeting due to cost and the up coming 2002 SAA meeting in Birmingham.  Linda Overman suggested SAC host a breakfast or reception during the SAA 2002 conference.  Conclusion:  a business reception will be held at the Birmingham Public Library at no cost, thanks to Jim Baggett.   Cost for catering will be split between SAC member states.  Tim Pennycuff is forwarding this information to other SAC State presidents for approval.


b.  Questions were raised about other state memberships into SAC.  South Carolina has approached SAC with interest in joining and also a possible interest from Florida.  A state society must request in writing to join SAC.  The request must be sent to the SAC Coordinating Committee Presidents and Vice Presidents of current SAC member states.  It was suggested that this issue could be voted on at the SAC business reception during the 2002 Birmingham SAA meeting.  Tim Pennycuff will contact the other state Presidents, which have expressed interest. 


VI.              The November 9, 2001, SALA meeting was next on the agenda.  It was suggested that time be set aside at the November meeting to discuss the 2002 SAA meeting in Birmingham.  Pertinent information about the SAA meeting will be sent out in the SALA fall newsletter.  Proposals for SALA sessions were discussed with a session on County and Local archives in the works by Ken Tilley. 


VII.            Archives Week was then open for debate.  Linda Overman gave a brief report on her work on Archives Week in 1999, which consisted of a proclamation signed by the governor.  It was stated that money and a new focus was needed for Archives Week.  The question of whether Archives Week should continue this year was brought up.  Suggestions were to do articles, hold workshops or mount exhibits to promote the week.  Conclusion:  To discuss Archives Week at the November SALA meeting and ask the Local Government Archives Roundtable to discuss it at its quarterly meeting. 


VIII.         Last on the agenda Clark Center is interested in creating an Appraisal Committee, which would generate a list of consultants and other resources.  ADAH, Mobile and AU were suggested to help with the list.  It was agreed by the board to go forward with producing a list.


IX.              The floor was open for questions or statements. 


a.       Ken Tilley suggested an addition of SALA membership in terms of classes of members.  Lifetime member ‘class’ was suggested as well as a Patron ‘class’.  Lifetime member dues were suggested at $100.00 or less and Patron at $25.00.   This suggestion will be discussed and brought to a vote at the November 9th SALA meeting.


X.                 The meeting adjourned at 12:45 PM




Respectfully submitted

Marcie T. Green




SALA Secretary

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