Society of Alabama Archivists
P.O. 34
Montgomery, Alabama 36101-0034

The Fall meeting was held at the Museum of Mobile on November 8, 2002.
President Tim Pennycuff called the meeting to order at 1:30 PM and welcomed the members for attending.

I. The Fall 2001 minutes were approved as written as printed in the Alabama Archivist, Spring 2002.

II. The Treasurer’s report was given by Lyn Frazer Treasurer.

SALA Treasurer’s Report

November 8, 2002

On December 19, 2001, the SALA bank account was moved from Regions to a SouthTrust nonprofit account. It offers free checking as long as a $500 minimum balance is maintained.

Opening Balance for SouthTrust Account (12/29/01) $220519


2/1/01 Deposit $65.00
2/8/02 Deposit 110.00
2/15/02 Deposit 140.00
2/22/02 Deposit 100.00
3/1/01 Deposit 85.00
3/13/02 Deposit 185.00 Dues
3/28/02 Deposit 23.00
4/12/02 Deposit 85.00
4/30/02 Deposit 30.00
5/13/02 Deposit 90.00
7/8/02 Deposit 40.00
8/28/02 Deposit 345.00 SAC Reimb.
10/30/02 Deposit 295.00 Dues & Reg. Fees
11/6/02 Deposit 275.00 Reg. Fees
Total Income $1868.00

Total Assets $4073.19


1/3/02 Check purchase $ 14.95
3/12/02 Harbin’s stamp 12.92
7/9/02 Newsletter printing 73.60
8/21/02 SARC reception 451.44
10/29/02 Newsletter printing 81.86
Total Expenditures $634.77

Current Balance (As of November 6, 2002) $3438.42

Lyn Frazer, Treasurer


A. Lyn Frazer reported that SALA has 110 members. Ideas were discussed on what to do with SALA’s excess money.

1. Paid researchers to come in.
2. Receptions for SALA or plaque

B. Motion was approved to think more about spending or not spending
SALA’s excess money.

III. Review of SAA Meeting in Birmingham was given by Alden Monroe, Chair of SAA.
A. Alden Monroe reported that 1100 members attended SAA and it was the 2nd highest number reported to a SAA meeting.
B. The SAA meeting received high complements and positive feed back on the 6 articles that ran.
C. Thank you’s were given to all who helped.

IV. Review of SAC Meeting in Birmingham

A. A short business meeting/reception was held at the Birmingham Public library with 35 members attending.
B. The 2004 SAC meeting will be held in Mississippi.
C. Members discussed the increase in member states to SAC and concluded to wait and see which states want to join.

V. Plans for 2003 SALA Meeting

A. Huntsville members offered to host meeting in 2003
B. Offered was voted on and approved

VI. Plans for 2003 Archives Week

A. Jessica Lacher-Feldman headed discussion on October 2003 Archives Week
B. Submitted ideas
1. Post web announcements
2. Use SALA extra monies
3. Form a committee

VII. Report of Nominations Committee and Election of New Officers

A. Donnelly Lancaster read the 2003 Nominations and all were approved.
1. Vice President- Wayne Coleman
2. Secretary- Marcie Green
3. Treasurer- Lyn Frazer
4. Executive Board (3yr term)- Elisa Baldwin
5. Appointed Officer, Archivist John Hardin

B. The New SALA president Ken Tilley was approved.

VIII. Announcements

A. President Ken Tilley acceptance speech.
B. Marty Olliff announced the Alabama Association of Historians meeting at Montgomery in February 7-8 and Alabama Historical Association meeting in April 24-26 at Troy State in Dothan

IX. Meeting Adjourned at 2:00 PM

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