Society of Alabama Archivists

Business Meeting Minutes for November 7, 2003

The Annual Fall meeting of the Society of Alabama Archivists was held at the Madison County Library and Archives on Nov. 7, 2003. President Ken Tilley called the business meeting to order at 12:45 p.m.

Ken thanked the hosts for the meeting, Rhonda Larkin and Ranee Pruitt for an excellent job. He also thanked Wayne Coleman for organizing an excellent program. He reminded all members to complete the Repository Questionnaire for their respective archives and turn in as soon as possible so Birmingham Public Library can update their web site of all archives in the state.

The 2002 Fall meeting minutes were approved.

I. The treasurers report was given by acting treasurer, Ken Tilley, who took over after the resignation of Carolyn Frazer:

SALA Treasurer Report - 6 November 2003

Opening Balance for South Trust Checking Account (11/06/02) - $3438.42

  • Registrations and dues 12/05/02-10/16/03 - $1495.00
  • SALA Meeting Mobile - $ 551.65
  • South Trust CD (Matures August 2004) - $1500.00
  • Total Expenditures - $2051.65
    Current Checking Balance (As of November 6, 2003) - $2881.77
    Total Assets - $4381.77
    Ken Tilley, Acting Treasurer

    II. A motion was made and passed to have the Fall 2004 SALA meeting at the Alabama Archives in Montgomery with the date moved up to Oct. 1 or Oct. 8, depending on the ADAH schedule. There was discussion about time and place for future meetings and a five year schedule in order to make planning easier. It was also discussed to have the annual meeting in a Central Alabama location every other year starting in 2004. Pres. Ken Tilley appointed a Time and Place Committee composed of: Chairman, Marty Olliff - TSU-Dothan, Frazine Taylor - ADAH, Dwayne Cox - Auburn and Donnelly Lancaster - Univ. of Ala. This committee was charged with creating a schedule to include locations for annual meetings through 2008.

    III. Officers were nominated and elected as follows:

    IV. Marty Olliff, on behalf of the members, expressed thanks to the SALA officers for their service this past year.

    V. Announcements: SAC (Southern Archives Conference) will hold its bi-annual meeting from 14-16 April 2004 at Mississippi Archives in Jackson. Ken encouraged everyone to consider making plans for going to SAC and having a strong turnout from Alabama. SAC meetings always have good programs and are worthwhile to meet other archivists from around the Southeast.

    The annual membership letter will be sent in early February and Ken encouraged everyone to pay dues as early as possible. It was encouraged to copy the membership form and give to potential members we come in contact with.

    VI. The meeting was adjourned at 1:35 p.m.

    Jennifer Beck, Acting Secretary

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