Society of Alabama Archivists

Business Meeting Minutes for October 8, 2004

The annual fall meeting of the Society of Alabama Archivists was held at the Alabama Department of Archives and History on October 8, 2004. President Wayne Coleman called the business meeting to order at 1:05 p.m.

The 2003 fall meeting minutes were approved.

I. The Treasurer's Report was given by Treasurer, Ken Tilley:

SALA Treasurer's Report - 8 October 2004

Opening Balance for SouthTrust Checking Account (11/06/03) $2881.77



Current Checking Balance (as of October 8, 2004) $3659.60

SouthTrust CD (Matures August 2004) $1530.62 

Total Assets $5190.22

Ken Tilley, Treasurer

The Treasurer's Report was approved as read by Ken Tilley.

II. Officers were nominated and elected as follows:

President: Chris Davidson Alabama Dept. of Archives and History

Vice Pres.: Donnelly Lancaster W.S. Hoole Special Collections Library, UA
Secretary: Jennifer Beck University of Alabama at Birmingham Archives
Treasurer: Cynthia Luckie Alabama Dept. of Archives and History

There were two nominees for Vice President: Laura Anderson, Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and Donnelly Lancaster, W.S. Hoole Special Collections Library. A vote was taken and Donnelly Lancaster was elected Vice President.

III. The 2005 SALA meeting will be held in Tuscaloosa. The host site will put together a list of possible dates and submit it to the Time and Place Committee. The members discussed the 2006 SALA meeting to be held in Birmingham. The Birmingham Public Library will be hosts for the 2006 meeting.

IV. Cynthia Luckie suggested that a co-treasurer position be developed to act as back-up to the treasurer for checking account signature in the event that something happened or if the treasurer and the president are not located in the same city. The matter was delayed until the 2005 meeting so that it could be looked at in further detail and the by-laws can be checked for procedures on creating a new officer position.

V. There was no old business to be discussed.

VI. The meeting was adjourned at 1:35 p.m.

Jennifer L. Beck, Acting Secretary

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